Design News: Dieter Doco, Mediterranean Furniture Design & the Tangible Music Player

Dieter Rams: A Documentary of One of the World’s Most Influential Designers

dieter rams documentary

Getting rid of excess and visual clutter and living with just what you need is the mantra of legendary designer, Dieter Rams. Eighty-four years old, Rams is a humorous, sensitive man, who is an industrial designer associated closely with home products company, Braun, as well as the Functionalist school of design. His belief that less is always more spurred his career that spans two centuries. Video producer, Gary Hustwit, is well on his way to creating a documentary about the life of Rams after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The documentary includes conversations with Rams as well as a private look into the life, philosophy and inspirations of Dieter Rams. 

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Traditional Mediterranean Values Hit the Hotel

Mediterranean furniture design

When was the last time you raved about a hotel mini bar? Probably never. But, we’re here to show you one hotel mini bar that you’ll want to take home with you! Spanish design firm, Papila Studio, has collaborated with hotel furniture company, Bustper. The result? A mini bar that with vivid colors reminiscent of the outdoors with quite a few high-tech options. With embedded Bluetooth sound systems and docking systems for your devices, the mini bar also comes with space for the refrigerator and a slide-out table for writing while you pour your drinks! You’ll love these modern cabinets inspired by the shutters on classical Mediterranean homes.

Image: ©meritxell arjalaguer

Twist, Tap, Pick-Up and Drop: The Tangible Music Player

tangible music player

Kudos to Pinja Piira, a student of the Royal College of Art. Her MA graduation project may just contain the audio listening device of the future. Her minimal radio, named Indent, is what she calls a tangible music device. A modern-looking music player, it simplifies your button usage. With four “cavities” on top of the player, each one supports a playlist or radio station you program. Simply moving the knob from cavity to cavity, and you can change the station. The knob lets you control the volume with a twist and stop music with a tap. Lastly, it connects to your smartphone with an app! If you’d like one, you may have to wait. It has yet to be released commercially.

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