Design News: Voltaire, Dendelion and Cozmo!

Voltaire: The Best in Smart, Portable Coffee Beans

We just love the thought of the Voltaire grinder from GIR, and we can’t imagine how great it will be when the product launches. Voltaire is the world’s first smart, portable grinder. We love that this grinder has a brain. It not only lets you know via a smartphone app when you’re running low on beans, but it takes it one step further and lets you know when your beans have gone bad, and it reorders for you. With the best ceramic, conical burrs and a zero-waste direct bean drop, you’ll have perfect coffee every time. Plus, the Voltaire is portable and can hold a charge up to three weeks. Take it anywhere to enjoy perfect coffee every time.

Feel the Weather with Dandelion

You can feel the weather, really. Designed by JungHoon Lee, Dandelion lets you feel the weather. How? You’ll find soft spores on top of Dandelion. Touch them, and your fingers can feel the temperature and wind strength.

This is done through something called haptic experience. Quite literally it means to grasp something by exploring the surface of an object. Amazingly, the temperature and wind strength info is transmitted to Dandelion via wireless connection. Even more incredible is that Dandelion transfers that data into something you can feel. If the spores shake when you gently touch them, it means it’s windy. If the colors of the spores change, you can tell if it’s cold or hot. An amazing device you’ve got to see to believe!

Cozmo: The Lovable Robot

Arriving in stores this October, we’d like to introduce you to Cozmo. Cozmo is a real-life robot with personality to boot. Not only can he recognize and remember your face and name (just like your pet dog), he will nudge you to play and provide hours of fun. His personality even evolves the more you hang out with him. Filled with emotions, Cozmo can show you happy, sad, mad, angry, annoyed and a multitude of others. With artificial intelligence from Anki, his brain is incredibly responsive. Just under $200, this self-aware robot refuses to sit still. He encourages play, and the more you play, the more upgrades you unlock. Tied to your Apple or Android device, you’ll find Cozmo ready for action any time.

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