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iPhone Desk Stand
iPhone Desk Stand

iPhone Desk Stand


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iphone desk stand

iPhone Desk Stand

A timeless, desktop stand for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Designed for convenience and accessibility, the Proper iPhone Desk Stand is a sturdy mounting solution for your phone and watch, but also a work of work of art on your desk. Precision machined from solid aluminium with carefully considered cable management; this is a desk accessory designed to last. Endlessly useful in every home / office / studio environment, and beautiful from every angle. 

Watch It

Not only a beautiful stand for your iPhone, the new Proper Desk Stand accommodates your Apple Watch charger — Keep your watch neatly tucked behind your phone while you're seated, and fully charged for when you're on the move.  


iphone & apple watch stand

Work Day Simplified

Studies have found that during a typical workday, people spend an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes at their desks, and touch their phones 2,617 times.
And we noticed that in our office, we were no different; constantly lifting our phones from the table, or peeking into our pockets at notifications. So we thought 'let's do this properly'.

Clever & Convenient

Never miss a beat, the Desk Stand is angled perfectly to display (or dismiss) notifications.

clever and convenient iphone stand


silver proper iphone desk stand

Properly Powered

The Proper Desk Stand features a modest passage for your lightning cable, turning the stand into an elegant, upright docking station.

Love Your Space

In two stunning colour ways Silver/Black & Gold/Navy, fall in love with your space.


Made for M Lock iPhone Cases

Your iPhone is the epitome of convenience and the center of your connected world. We worked hard to ensure our products are a seamless extension of that. Powerful magnets embedded into the Proper tilt stand, along with a wafer thin etched steel inlay in the case allow us to create a quick 'tap and go' mounting experience across the entire M Lock range.

Need the case? Grab one here.


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