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Create a Better Experience.

A complete range of secure mounts, stands & protective cases for iPhone, iPad and the PayPal Here card reader.  Custom designed by Studio Proper to get you up and running quickly.

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Paypal Here Adhesive Adapter

A wafer thin adhesive disk that is designed to stick neatly onto the back of the Paypal Here reader. Once added, your reader can be mounted to any accessories offered below.[layout type="column-1-end"][layout type="column-2-start"]


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Proper Tilt Stand

Quick tap and go magnetic mounting means your PayPal Here reader is always well presented and easily accessible. Note: Requires Paypal Here Adhesive Adapter (available above).


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The Ultimate iPad + PayPal Here POS Setup.

Lockable solution for your iPad, with simple swivel rotation and iPad removal.  The POS Swivel stand includes cable management for hidden charge and lock cables (not included), and the Proper tilt stand keeps your PayPal Here reader within easy reach, at all times.
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Disclaimer: Accessories are developed and provided exclusively by Proper (ABN 38 701 620 932).  PayPal is not responsible for the products purchased via Studioproper.com.  All support queries should be forwarded to us@studioproper.com
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