Scuba Divers Get Thirsty, Too

Being surrounded by a large body of water doesn’t mean scuba divers can take a drink when they’re thirsty, especially in salt water. Until now, that is. Designers Dong Wha Park, Yoonji Lee and Jisu Yun, developed the Scubar water holder to make drinking underwater safe and easy. Divers carry water capsules in the Scubar with them while they dive. When divers are thirsty, all they need to do is place the Scubar in their mouths and chew to release a gulp of water. Each one of the capsules is equal to a large drink of water. Divers can then stay under water longer because they’ve quenched their thirst. The Scubar is a brilliant white so divers can easily see their futuristic looking bottles in the deep, blue ocean.

Bounce, Twist, Bend, Wrap or Wear!

Everyone, young and old, relishes a bit of playtime with Legos, Mega Bloks or other building bricks. Now, master builders can extend their creativity with Flexo. Developed by New-Zealand based inventor, Mark Stolten, Flexo is a series of tendon-like attachments you can use to make your regular building bricks flexible. Using either your own bricks, or Flexo bricks with Flexo tendons, you can create items with suspension, bend, spring and swing. With its bendable flexibility, Flexo allows brick builders a whole new world of possibilities with their designs. Flexo assists builders making brick animals, toy vehicle suspension, spring doors, wearable jewelry, complex building projects and more. Having well surpassed their Kickstarter goal, expect these soon in a store near you!

Beautiful Tabletop Décor Doubles as Bottle Opener

So incredible, this limited-edition Ico Bottle Opener by OTHR, is only produced on demand and comes with a serial number and Certificate of Authenticity. Owners will want to not only use the bottle opener, but they’ll want to display this tabletop item made from 3D printed steel. Functionality meets beauty in the Ico Bottle Opener. The 20 facets on the icosahedron shape each function as a bottle opener, which actually means there are a total of 60 bottle openers in this functional design. Finally, if you’re looking for a unique party trick, play capture your bottle cap inside the icosahedron shape and see who can do it the quickest!

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