Re-imagined shoe laces

Feel your feet muscles working in synchronicity with your shoes and never tie a sneaker again. This smart lacing system is amazingly adaptive. HICKIES® 2.0 can make your shoes not only look better but perform better. The HICKIES lacing system is so easy to use. You simply remove your old-fashioned laces and connect each pair of eyelets to the holes on your shoes. This makes your sneakers a slip-on which is especially great when you’re in a hurry. Even better is that the laces adapt to your foot’s movement for healthier feet and no more sloppy laces. You can also customize your fit by adjusting the tension on each pair of HICKIES.

Two-In-One Audio System

Who says you need earphones and a free-standing speaker? The makers of Audiowear decided to beat that redundancy head on. They created an audio device that’s both an external speaker and earphones. The adjustable band warps, making it either flat or bent so it’s a headphone when you want a headphone and a sound stick when you want to listen freely. Bluetooth and audio drivers are part of the fashionably modern device by Nytec Inc. and Malgorzata Blanchnicka. Streamline your audio system today with this easily portable audio device and be the envy of all your friends with its futuristic design.

How to Train the Human

Dog training takes so much time. But, what if we approached it not so much from the point of view of the dog as of the human? The U-Lead Dog Leash takes the frustration out of training the dog and puts it in the hands of the human. The U-Lead Dog Leash trains the dog owner. If you’re one of the many dog owners – you know who you are – that lets your dog tug you all over the park and down the road, the U-Lead trains you so you know when to stop your dog’s pulling behavior. You’ll see a red strip when your dog begins to pull so you can correct their behavior immediately. Now that is dog/owner training made easy.

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