Never Search for Your Scissors Again with Nimble

Nimble gives bad packaging the finger. In fact, you can open any type of packaging with the Nimble, cut tape, do crafts, open envelopes, cut out vouchers and even wrap packages. The one-finger wonder tool, Nimble was tested with a diverse group of people from many backgrounds and age categories. Cutting is simplified with just a swipe of your finger. The blade is sharp, but it’s too small to cut your skin, so you don’t have to worry about accidents. It’s a superb option for children and safer than scissors and knives. Nimble is one size fits all and colorful so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it!

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A Drone Fit for the Water – Seadoo ROV

Drones are everywhere, flying overhead. Who would have expected them to hit the water? If one designer has his way, they’ll hit the ocean, a lake or a pool near you. Designer, Ron Ferencz, created a mock-up of the ROV Underwater Drone. With three propellers, this drone swims easily through water of all depths. On the front of the drone, you’ll find a Canon lends attached to a double-jointed arm so the operator can get a perfect view of sunken treasure, exotic fish or another underwater find. Not in mass production yet, the ROV is sure to open up the undersea world of photography for amateurs, researchers and scientists. 

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The Future of Fermentation is Here

Using the Catalyst Fermentation System, you can craft your own beer. The simple experience makes home brewing attainable for many. A highly anticipated product, the Catalyst has already generated four times their original Kickstarter goal. They combined the concept of high-end brewing equipment with the home brewer in mind. The result? A functional, classy system that simplifies the brewing steps. You can do them without having to mess with the siphon or the transfer. This means you have a better chance of avoiding oxidation and contamination with much less time involved in the entire process. It looks like first-time brewers, novices and experts alike will appreciate the ease and functionality of the Catalyst.

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