Imagine… Urban Bike Mobility

Check out cf. city flows. It’s a way to help citizens analyze three bike-sharing systems in the context of a public exhibition space. It allows people to visually compare an environment of urban bike mobility. Recently, cities have installed bike-sharing systems with the hope of increasing casual bicycle use among locals as well as visitors. This system incorporates three screens to compare the flows of New York City, Berlin and London. The goal? To improve bike-sharing systems the world over. These maps help bicycle users get an overview of each’s city’s mobility. As world leaders recognize cycling as a critical component of future urban mobility, this is a system worth checking out.

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Making the Carry-On Great Again


Billed as the most functional travel bag ever, the NOMATIC Travel Bag certainly lives up to its reputation. Just consider that their $20,000 Kickstarter campaign has already raised well over one million dollars! What makes this carry-on so great? It’s made from last-forever waterproof material. Plus, it can switch from backpack to duffle bag and back again. With a separate compartment for your shoes, you also enjoy a laptop and tablet pocket. It features a full perimeter zipper with RDF blocking materials to protect your credit cards and passport as well as separate pockets for those pesky cords. We also love the lined water bottle pocket that keeps your other items dry and the fleece easy-access pocket for your cell phone and other valuables. We must agree – it is the best travel bag ever!

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A Gate of Water for Your Fruit

How’d you like to keep your fruit fresh for days all with a screen of water? Called the Water Shade, this creative gizmo protects your fruit with a shield of water. Amazing. The designer, Yitu Wang, developed this unique dish and natural cover (the water shade) to lock freshness in. First, you pour water in, then turn the power on. The water shade begins to cover your fruit in what’s admittedly a space-age way. Then, when you’re ready, you reach right in. Amazingly, the device has a sensor that sees your hand approach. Then, the shower head stops, and you can grab a delicious, fresh banana without getting wet. This ingenious device locks moisture in while keeping dust and bugs out.

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