3 Tips To Shoot Amazing Videos With Your iPhone

The best camera is the one you have with you says a generation of photographers. The same holds true with your video camera. 

These days the best video camera you have with you is your iPhone. It’s always with you and readily available.

If you want tips on how to shoot stunning videos with your iPhone, this post is for you. Here are three tips to shoot amazing videos with your iPhone.

Tip #1: Use the Right App

You’ve probably found shooting a video on your iPhone easy enough. With the iPhone 6, you have an improved autofocus ability. But, if you’ve yearned for more features and gorgeous video, you’ll want to use an app. According to professional videographers, the best app for that is FiLMiC Pro.

You’ll especially want to use an app if you are interested in creating a long video that you’d like to edit. With an app, you not only have more control over shooting, but also editing.

With FiLMiC Pro, you have manual control over everything from focus to white balance. You’ll love the ability to separate and lock focus and exposure. Locking them prevents the shifts in exposure or focus bounces that can happen when your video camera tries to adjust to your scene.

FiLMiC Pro also lets you choose preset zoom values. You can now set up to three zoom levels where previously with just your iPhone, you didn’t have the option of a physical zoom lens.

You need this kind of control provided by FiLMiC Pro to shoot a quality video. In addition, this app allows you to film in a higher resolution than the iPhone provides.

If you’d like to see the app in action, take a look at this case study. Bentley released a short documentary called “The Bespoke Driving Jacket.” Shot entirely with an iPhone 6, this video has more than one million YouTube views.

Tip #2: Use a Stand

If you’re shooting a video where you need to be on screen or where you don’t want any movement at all, you’ll need to use a stand.

You may think your hands are steady, but your iPhone has to work really hard to stabilize your handheld footage. It’s worth the small investment to stabilize your shots with a stand. This is especially helpful if you’re going to be editing as slight movements can be distracting in the final video.

Tip #3: Use a Microphone

You’ll look and sound like a pro when you use a microphone. This is often the difference between an amateur and professional video.

High quality sound can make or break your video.

You have a couple of options. First, you could use a second iPhone to record video. Or, you can use an external microphone.

We like the RØDE VideoMic GO because it works well with FiLMiC Pro. This high quality directional microphone reduces surrounding sounds and ensures your subject is isolated from distracting noise.

While you are setting up your film shoot, make sure to test your sound. You don’t want to have to reshoot because your microphone wasn’t working, or you hadn’t set the audio levels. If you’re shooting on-the-fly, test these before you reach your destination.

Don’t forget to get the microphone as close to your subject as possible.

To Conclude

Shooting stunning video is possible with your iPhone, and because it’s always with you, you’re more likely to catch memorable moments. It’s also great for shooting short “films” and documentaries.

We have one last tip, and that’s to back up your iPhone. You’ve probably heard the phrase “Two is one, and one is none.” At its simplest, the phrase means two copies of your video are better than one. This is helpful if your phone gets lost, or you destroy a copy while editing.

Incorporate the three tips mentioned here, and you’ll be shooting amazing video with your iPhone in no time!

Do you have a great tip for shooting amazing video with an iPhone? What worked for you? What didn’t? We’d love to hear about your experience.

When you’re using your iPhone for shooting video, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting it. Try our Lite or Strong cases for the iPhone. Take a look at the Proper Tilt Stand. It’s great for stabilizing your phone. Visit our website to see our products in action!

Image: Susan Nilsson

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