How to Use an Apple Device to Market Your Startup

Congratulations. You did it. You created the perfect product. You know everyone will want it. But, how do you tell the public about it? How do you market your brand new startup? You do it the way we do most everything these days – with an Apple device. 

According to recent research, record numbers of people in the under-35 age category are starting new businesses. This is an increase of more than 70% since 2006. To avoid the rather daunting startup failure rates, we’ll discuss the many ways you can use an iPad or iPhone to market your startup so you can land in the success column!

With more than 200 million iPads and more than 472 million iPhones in users’ hands, using an Apple device to market your startup is a must. Whether users are browsing their Facebook newsfeed, watching a YouTube video, tweeting or reading a blog, the iPad and iPhone are a marketers dream.

Here’s how you can use an Apple device to market your startup with a few simple tips:

Go Viral

Using your iPad or iPhone, create social media business pages – start with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. You can set these pages up right from your Apple device and continue to use these social media channels to market your startup. Introduce your product(s) and the team behind it. Get personal and tell your story.

Social media is a conversation tool first and foremost. Remember that content is king. Provide content that is visual and has value. Integrate a mix of great photography, videos and tips with a smaller amount of outright promotional material.

Start a Blog

Use your blog to again offer great content to your target audience. In the beginning, you can use your Apple device to introduce your startup on your website’s blog. Over time, offer great content, tips, advice and other interesting tidbits. Include social sharing buttons and link back and forth between your blog and social media. 

The ease of Apple devices makes managing your blog a snap. Don’t be worried about too much text on your blog. Blogs offer you a low-pressure marketing opportunity that is available to a wide-range of people. Since users can zoom in text on an Apple device, even the oldest eyes can read your blog. Just make sure you are putting something out there worth reading.

Create Videos

Not only can you take great photos on an Apple device, but iPads and iPhones provide an easy avenue for shooting video. Download an app or two to help manage the editing, and you are well on your way to using videos as part of your marketing strategy. 

People love to watch video on the iPhone and the iPad, so this is a great opportunity to market your startup. Post your videos on social media, YouTube, your blog and your website for maximum impact. 

Design and Maintain an App

You can win the hearts, minds and loyalty of your iPad and iPhone app users when you use dedicated apps to reach your target audience. Appeal to individual users’ interests, needs and wants. Intrigue them with information about your startup, but be careful not to bombard them. Share content that is meaningful to them, inspire their interest and their loyalty.

Promote your app everywhere you can – on all digital avenues, in print, social media, in-store signage (if you have a brick-and-mortar location) and in all other advertising.

It’s worth noting that while many iPhone and iPad apps are interchangeable, you’ll want to make sure you are providing the appropriate experience for users. Consider how users will use your app and build it to meet their needs.

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