Download these apps for Apple Watch first

Like you, we simply cannot wait to get Apple Watch onto our wrists.  Perhaps we can't fully appreciate what the experience is going to be like, but we know that Apple have a history of creating beautiful technology, and based on the hype since the official announcement, Apple Watch is no different.

For us, it's much more than purely the excitement of a shiny new device, it's about a new method of interaction both with the people around us, and the information in our lives.

These are the Apple Watch Apps we're most excited to download:

1.  Qantas.

2. Uber

3. Shazam

4. Strava

5. Instagram

6. Nest

What are you most excited to try or download on Apple Watch? Whatever you choose, make sure you grab the Proper WatchKeeper to charge and protect you new device.


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