Hack Your Email Signature & Drive Sales

“Sent from my iPhone.

You’ve seen it many times. Maybe it doesn’t register as something important, or perhaps it’s made you think, why would Apple take the time to program this into the settings of the email app on Every. Single. IOS. Device.

Entrepreneurialism. It’s for those who can figure out how to squeeze 1% more than anyone else can, and who better to learn from than Apple.

The default Apple signature might seem cute, but in fact it’s a clever form of social proof advertising. People can see that their friends, family and contacts are iPhone and/or iPad users. You’re essentially providing Apple with free advertising space within every single email you send. That’s fine, but there is a way to turn the tides in your favor, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

Your mobile signature could bring you more business.

There are infinite ways to put this concept into action. To help get you started, we’ve put together some creative suggestions below, with four categories of mobile signatures for your email. 

But, before we talk about mobile signatures for your email, here’s how you can (and should!) change your email signature on your iPhone or iPad.

Setting Your Signature

  • Tap settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Scroll about halfway down the screen and tap Signature.
  • You have two options in iOS: use a single email signature across all of your accounts or create a unique signature for each account.
  • Assuming you want to use a different signature for each account (recommended especially if one is personal and one is business):
    • On the signature page, tap Per Account.
    • Choose the account to add a new signature to and tap on the box that says, “Sent from my iPhone.”
    • Type a signature. Tip: type a line or two directly above the first line of your signature to separate your signature from the body of your email

We’ve separated our fun mobile signatures into four categories below. Pick one for your account(s) or be creative and create your own!

  1. The Basic Business Card Approach

You can use your email signature much like a printed business card. Add all the information including your name, phone number, business name, address, etc. 

It might seem odd, but also include your email address. People can obviously get it from other areas in the email they’re reading, but seeing it in the signature makes it even easier especially, if they want to copy and paste it somewhere like into their invoicing system.

  1. Add a Profile Picture.

The business world is still a personal place. Someone might buy something from your brand, but they still work with the people behind the brand. Add a professional image of yourself to your email signature and give people a face to go with your email address.

Use a professional image for the signature; one where you’re dressed nicely as you would if you were having a business meeting. Have a designer add a few touchups if necessary to make you look your best.

You may not think so, but pairing the content of your email with your picture makes the overall message more meaningful and memorable.

  1. Link To Key Landing Pages On Your Site

Many add a link to their homepage and that’s great, but you can do much more. Link to the About page on your site and encourage your contacts to learn more about your business and your team. Send them to your blog where they can get some valuable information about the topics you’re covering. 

  1. Link To Specific Content That Would Appeal To Contacts

Take the idea of adding links even further by linking to specific content. A favorite and popular blog post would be great, but maybe you and your team have created a guide that would be of interest to your contacts. Link to those items and give people some kind of value that would entice them to click the link.

You can also link to your social profiles where your contacts can connect with you outside of email. Many people want to connect with people they know especially on LinkedIn where professionals often connect.

Final Thought

Your email signature might seem like an insignificant part of your business, but think of all the emails you send every day. Use the signature to your advantage to build familiarity with you and your brand. Also, give them a way to view specific items on your website right from your email to more quickly move them into your sales funnel.

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