An Über Backseat

Memorable. From Start to End.

If there's one improvement we'd love to see Uber make, it's the view from the backseat.  This is where the experience, in our opinion, falls a little flat.

Below is our vision for what could be achieved, using seat mounted, rear-facing iPads to transform an already sexy experience into one that is infinitely sexier, and completely memorable.

The Welcome Screen.

Lets set the scene.

My Uber arrives promptly. I open the door, step in and am immediately greeted by name on a beautiful screen that extends the Uber look and feel.  I am personally welcomed and instantly feel connected to the brand and experience.  My recent destinations are accessible with a single screen tap, as is my ability to quickly input a new destination.

My experience, from the moment I launched the Uber app to book a ride, is consistently Uber, every step of the way.

The 'In Transit' Screen.

With my destination confirmed quickly and effortlessly, the route is presented on a minimal map that docks along the bottom of the screen, displaying my expected arrival time and an option to share that information with one simple tap.  Beautiful, HD video's of the latest news stories are available for viewing.  An experience unlike any other, and certainly far removed from the Taxi experiences we've all known in the past.

It doesn't require too much imagination to realise that these screens, viewed by millions of passengers every day globally, could quickly provide a lucrative additional revenue stream.

The Psychological Impact

The net result may seem trivial, and perhaps superficial in nature, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  From the moment my experience starts I feel valued.  I feel as though my loyalty is recognised.  And as I sit back to watch the news, I forget that I'm in a 'taxi'.  With my focus shifted onto content, instead of my arrival time and the traffic around me, regardless of how long my ride has taken, it feels short, convenient and enjoyable.

These are words that have never before been used to describe a typical Taxi experience, and that says a lot.

The Ask

Uber, if you're listening - we're here for you, and we're ready to provide beautiful hardware to integrate iPads into every Uber easily and effortlessly.

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