4 Trending Office Designs for 2016

The design of your company’s office space can play a vital role in the creativity and collaboration of your work force. If you’re stuck in the 20th century, and you’d like to take a step forward in providing the ideal workspace, this article is for you.

We are going to look at four trending office designs for 2016. These designs are starting to take place across the globe as more and more companies realize the value of comfortable, creative work spaces in fostering collaboration as well as a great work environment.

#1: The Open Office

Cubicles are disappearing from offices at record-breaking speed. While the big bosses are often keeping their private offices, one of the trending office designs is the open office area for the general workforce.

In many offices, you’ll find multi-purpose spaces where employees can collaborate, watch multimedia presentations or conduct brainstorming sessions. Additionally, workers can often be found doing their regular daily work in these multi-purpose spaces so they can enjoy the comradery of their fellow workers.

Oval shaped desks are debuting in many of these open office spaces. They allow for several people to sit together and work or brainstorm. Also on the scene are standing work areas that are thought to be good ergonomically.

Wondering why the modern workplace is moving this way? You can blame the millennial generation who prefers to work collaboratively and together instead of in traditional office spaces. It looks like the open concept is here to stay.

#2: Managing Technology

While today’s workers couldn’t live without technology, they don’t necessarily want to see the clutter caused by the cords and wires.

Another trend in office designs for 2016 is hiding the wires.

Office workers want clean, minimalistic desktops and tables. You’ll find manufacturers working hard to find ways to hide the wires, docking stations and other clutter in today’s modern world.

Consider the highly functional Pivot Stand, which elevates employees’ iPads so they are at eye level and easily accessible whether they are working on a desk or community table.

You’ll also find an increase in available technology in many office designs. Look for smart technology including whiteboards, large screen TVs, tables equipped with outlets, and much more.

#3: Focus on the Green

Today’s workforce also demands energy efficiency and green technology when it comes to office designs. They also want to bring the green inside or at least have access to it on the outside.

You’ll find LEED certified spaces, energy efficient lighting, increased air quality and green construction.

How are companies bringing the outside in? They might use reclaimed wood, exposed concrete flooring, green and flowering plants and warm, soothing fabrics.

Others are using outside areas to set up peaceful, tranquil spaces that rejuvenate and refresh their workers. Business owners are increasingly finding that when it’s enjoyable to be at the office, productivity increases, and absenteeism decreases.

#4: Lovely Lounge Areas

Another design trend is to create livable lounge areas for employees with a more home-like feel. Gone are the stiff work areas.

The new lounge area makes working much more enjoyable for employees and encourages communication.

Along with the lounge area, more offices are bringing color into the mix. Starting in the lounge area, the color tends to work its way throughout the office and communal areas. Companies have realized that color and comfort are key to productivity.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days of cramped cubicles and drab, uncomfortable meeting areas. The 21st century has ushered in an era of increased workplace ambiance.

Business owners are realizing that inspiring surroundings have a direct impact on their employees’ productivity as well as their creativity.

A few unique touches, a dissembling of cubicle areas, and some comfortable meeting areas all work to make a happier, more contented workforce that is dedicated to achieving their company’s mission.

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