Maintaining two markets - Consumer v Business

When Apple's iPhones and iPad's started to become household gadgets, tools and second computers - people globally started to look at them as a surprisingly powerful, slim and light replacement for computers big and small.

Immediately, consumers looked to protect their new expensive pocket computer made of glass and aluminium - thus cases flooded the market. When Studio Proper was launched it focused on elevating the consumers experience, by enabling people to attach mounts and brackets for a myriad of new uses.

Studio Proper Tilt Stand (Circa 2016)

Outside of consumers watching films and playing games, people started to look to Apple products as new tools for small business. Replacing huge black boxes of the 00's with slim and light Apple iPad's was a given, providing internet connectivity, a robust operating system and a huge range of compatible accessories.

This is when businesses started to buy our consumer products to suit their business needs - utilizing an iPad at their Point of Sale to improve their customer experience and business operations. Learning businesses were using our consumer stands, we developed a range of products to better suit their needs for security, adaptability and robustness. By being able to attach an iPad onto our range of different stands and mounts, straps and handles, business could run their businesses their way - the same way they were able to do at home. 

Proper iPad Flex Stand (circa 2018)

As a business, we love apple products - and focus on ensuring anyone can have an amazing new experience using their Apple devices. By virtue of this we have positioned ourselves across two markets, if not three, all off the back of the capability of Apple products. 

Serving the everyday carry needs of general customers who own an iPhone, or iPad comes with unique challenges compared to serving a business owner trying to run their business. However the same Apple devices will find their way into each situation. 

Proper Apple Watch Charging Stand (available now)

To some, we're known as a solutions provider for small businesses. Helping them run their Point of Sale using a secure and powered iPad stand and accessories, and to others we're known for our consumer ranges, like magnetic iPhone accessories and charging solutions for personal devices like Apple Watch.

Proper iPad POS Pivot Stand and Lockbelt (circa 2017)

Straddling two unique markets has it's challenges. How we present ourselves, how our products are engineered and designed, and how much resources we put into each segment are a constant challenge and negotiation within our team. 

Do you solely focus on one market, or does the market insights from one encourage innovation in the other? From many company review and strategy meetings, we know the latter to be true. Taking our appreciation of the customers needs for good looking, high value products in their every-day life translate to business owners running a business. 

While your choices as an individual add to your identity, so do business decisions in hardware, fit and finish. We serve customers premium products with the knowledge that it's valued and appreciated as a unique part of their lives. Businesses equally want to feel unique and appreciated by their customers - looking to provide a premium or valued experience and encouraging loyalty. 

Proper Apple Airpods Charging Dock (available now)

Whilst maintaining two markets can be a logistical nightmare for marketing, communication and management - it's a unique position we have to be able to serve both, by uniting our design approach across both markets. Using our style, approach, materials and processes to design and engineering - we can create beautiful products for both consumers and small businesses. Remembering at the end of the day the end user is likely the same person, waking up in the morning - taking their case covered phone off a charging stand, grabbing their Airpod's as they walk to work to open up and take payments on an iPad in a powered stand.   

Our ecommerce platform is the best place to find all of the Apple products you need, and the best accessories for a unique experience. Shop our POS and Payment section to learn more about our solutions for point of sale for iPad and iPhone across mobile and secure. And as always, watch this space for new exciting products coming out every year!