DogTag Update #3 - Tooling and Production 🐶

We wanted to share an update on the progress of the DogTag for Apple Airtags - tooling, production and expected shipping times! 

DogTag production update

We're through the technical stuff and our production molds are being made!

What's happening now?

After a lot of engineering work our injection moulding tools are being made.

These metal molds are designed to create a negative space which is the exact shape we want the DogTag to be, then the machine fills the void with molten plastic and it forms the plastic parts we need.

The process of designing a tool, and making it takes a few weeks and we plan to test these moulds in the third week of July. At this time we will receive our first 'off-tool' samples to check and test.


What's happens next?

We put our 'off-tool' samples through their paces!

Our resident quality assurance expert Dante is ready and waiting to test the first samples that arrive from our fresh tools. Once we are happy that the product is exactly how we want it, we will tell our manufacturers to start producing the many thousands of orders we have lined up!

When are we shipping orders?

We are a little behind schedule, but working to catch up! At this time we expect to approve the samples and begin production before the end of the month, with orders shipping by mid August, 2021. Delivery timelines will depend on your location.

Thank you! And if you have any questions at all, reach us via email on, or on our live web chat.