24 Hours of Power with Proper

Our technology is central to virtually everything we do in life. Work, life, play, it all centres around our personal technology. Our iPhone's are our world, and most of us would be very lost without them. Enter 'charge anxiety', an uncomfortable feeling we can all relate to. That creeping fear that hits you when your iPhone battery is running low.

Our designers love to create 'closed loop' product ecosystems that support you and your technology as you move through your daily life. They have recently tackled the charging dilemma, and created a range of solutions that ensure your iPhone is constantly topping up with super fast MagSafe charging.

Here's how you can enjoy 24 hours of power with Proper.

1. Nightstand - MagSafe charging while you sleep with the MagSafe Stay.

2. Desk - MagSafe charging while you work with the MagSafe Stand.

3. Car - MagSafe charging while you drive with the MagSafe Vent Mount.